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Jon Lord R.I.P

Jon Lord yang merupakan pengasas kumpulan rock Deep Purple dan pernah terlibat dengan beberapa kumpulan rock lain seperti Whitesnake, The Artwoods, The Flower Pot Men dan Paice, Ashton dan Lord meninggal dunia pada 16 Julai 2012 akibat masalah pembuluh darah yang kronik. Jon Lord sebelum ini telah disahkan menghidap kanser pankreas pada tahun 2011.

Jon Lord yang merupakan pemain keyboard untuk kumpulan Deep Purple telah menghasilkan banyak lagu hits untuk kumpulan Deep Purple dan yang paling terkenal ialah Smoke on the Water.

Pada tahun 1969, Jon Lord telah terlibat dengan projek bersama Royal Philharmonic Orchestra dan menghasilkan persembahan Concerto For Group and Orchestra di Royal Albert Hall, London. Ini merupakan gabungan pertama antara kumpulan rock seperti Deep Purple bersama sebuah kumpulan orkestra yang terbesar dan terkenal di dunia. Kali kedua Deep Purple bergabung bersama kumpulan orkestra ialah pada tahun 1999 di Royal Albert Hall bersama London Symphonic Orchestra. Gabungan antara Deep Purple dan kumpulan muzik orkestra ini telah menjadi inspirasi kepada kumpulan-kumpulan rock lain untuk membuat persembahan diiringi muzik orkestra antaranya seperti Metallica, Scorpions dan Yngwie Malmsteen.

Pada tahun 1978, Jon Lord meninggalkan Deep Purple dan menyertai kumpulan Whitesnake bersama David Coverdale yang juga merupakan bekas vokalis kumpulan Deep Purple. Sepanjang bersama Whitesnake, Jon Lord telah menghasilkan beberapa lagu hits antaranya seperti Trouble, Lovehunter, Ready An' Willing, Come An' Get It, Saints and Sinners dan Slide It In.

Jon Lord bersama kumpulan Deep Purple
Jon Lord mengahwini Judith Feldman pada tahun 1969 dan mendapat seorang anak perempuan bernama Sara. Bagaimanapun perkahwinan mereka tidak lama apabila mereka bercerai pada tahun 1981. Jon Lord kemudiannya mengahwini Vickie Lord, adik kembar kepada isteri pemain drum Deep Purple iaitu Ian Paice. Hasil perkahwinan ini mereka mendapat seorang anak perempuan bernama Amy.

Ucapan-ucapan daripada legenda rock yang lain:

"He (Jon Lord) was one of the great musicians of my generation." - Geezer Butler, pemain bass kumpulan Black Sabbath.

"It was an absolute joy and pleasure for me to know him and to work alongside him. He is missed already." - David Coverdale, vokalis kumpulan Whitesnake.

"Just like Ronnie [James Dio] was the master on vocals, Jon Lord was the king on the Hammond organ." - Peter Baltes, pemain bass kumpulan Accept.

"One of the biggest, baddest, heaviest sounds in heavy metal." - Slash, bekas gitaris kumpulan Guns 'n' Roses.

"He (Jon Lord) was an inspiration to me!" - Jordan Rudess, pemain keyboard kumpulan Dream Theater.

"My condolences to Jon Lord's family, fans and friends on his passing. Jon, thank you for being a part of the soundtrack of my life." - Rudy Sarzo, bekas pemain bass Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake dan Dio.

"He (Jon Lord) was one of my biggest influences and idols growing up." - Adam Wakeman, pemain keyboard Ozzy Osbourne.

"He (Jon Lord) was one of the nicest and most talented people I've ever met." - Joe Bonamassa, bekas gitaris kumpulan Bloodline.

"His mark in contemporary music is long and permanent." - Damon Johnson, bekas gitaris Alice Cooper.

"His style of playing the organ set the standard by which every rock band with organ lived by. A real legend and a real star." - Tracii Guns, gitaris kumpulan L.A. Guns.

"So many great, great songs and that incredible SOUND of his!" - Tom Morello, gitaris Rage Against The Machine.

Jon Lord sewaktu konsert live Deep Purple tahun 1976
"Jon Lord. You brought fun, laughter, silliness and light with your sense of humor to everything you worked on, you changed the world of rock with your unique take on it all." - Graham Bonnet, bekas vokalis Rainbow, Michael Schenker Group dan Alcatrazz.

"He (Jon Lord) was a true and gifted original, a gentleman of the industry, and he shall be greatly missed!" - Joe Lynn Turner, bekas vokalis Fandango, Rainbow dan Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force.

"I can only thank him for the legacy he has left us all with his great music, great vision and for his kindness as he was one of the most gentle and kind persons I have ever had the pleasure of being able to call my friend." - Rick Wakeman, bekas pemain keyboard kumpulan Yes.

"We can all be guilty of lightly throwing adjectives like 'unique,' 'one-of-a-kind' and 'pioneering' around when we want to describe our heroes and the people who've moved us, but there are no more fitting words than those right now and there simply was no musician like Jon Lord in the history of hard rock." - Lars Ulrich, pemain drum kumpulan Metallica.

"Jon was the powerhouse keyboard player that brought rock and classical directly together many times. Jon was the guy that would stop us from giving up on an idea in songwriting because it wasn't immediately obvious." - Steve Morse, gitaris kumpulan Deep Purple.

"He was just an amazing character and, I suppose, the godfather of DEEP PURPLE, and we all looked up to him with tremendous admiration. If there was such a thing as a typical English gentleman in rock music, then it was Jon Lord. We all know Jon for the inspiration and the incredible talent that he was." - Ian Gillan, vokalis Deep Purple.

"He (Jon Lord) was a giant in my life, a great friend, a fellow traveler, a teacher, not only of music, but of life." - Roger Glover, pemain bass Deep Purple.

"Without Jon there would be no DEEP PURPLE. He lives on in our hearts and memories." - Ritchie Blackmore, bekas gitaris Deep Purple dan Rainbow.

"Jon was not only a magnificent keyboard player and musician but a wonderful human being and a true gentleman. I'm honored to have had the opportunity to play together with him. We've lost a true legend but his music will live on in all of our hearts." - Tony Iommi, gitaris kumpulan Black Sabbath.

"There are those who have known you much longer and worked with you much harder. But dear Jon, I will miss you." - Doogie White, vokalis Cornerstone.

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